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How to Trade in 4 Steps


Start by opening an account with any broker we recommend {here}

Once you’ve chosen a broker, you can begin trading.

Opening and Closing trades is very simple.


Start by choosing an underlying asset.

You can choose from a varied list of assets based on your preference. If you feel you have more insight on stocks, choose Google or Apple or maybe an entire index like the Dow Jones. If, however, you feel closer to fluctuations in the prices of currencies, feel free to choose the GBP/USD. It’s all up to you. The idea here is to maximize your time and Binary Options can make you high returns in a short period of time.


The next step is choosing the right expiry.

Once you have chosen the asset, based on your prediction you need to choose an expiry and a direction. If you think that the market will go up sometime during the day (choose CALL or ABOVE), it would be better to choose a 1 day expiry as opposed to a 5 minute expiry. If, on the other hand, you are aware of some news that’s about to break in the coming 15 minutes, it would be wiser to choose a 5 minute expiry as opposed to a 1 month expiry. That’s the idea; match the expiry to your predictions. Choose Call for predictions about an increase and Put if you think the market is heading down.


Now it’s time to wait.

Probably the hardest part of any trader’s day is to simply wait and see what the market will deliver. Once the expiry of your choice arrives, it is time to see if you made money. Most brokers provide a very high return on your investment, typically between 75-85%. It’s time to see if you are in-the-money or out-of-the-money. If you are in, you will see an instant increase in your account balance.

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