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Weekend Edition-16/12/2011

As this trading week draws to a close, binary options traders should look back at the good the bad and the ugly from this past volatile trading week. With about 2 hours till close, the US stock indices are just about break even for the day where the DOW is currently trading near 11865 marking a drop of about 0.03%. More importantly, our pick for the day, the EUR/USD has barely moved today and is basically where we left it this morning at around 1.3013.

The EUR has been trading based on the bad news from the IMF, which has not been able to come to a resolution with the Hungarian government about a possible bailout. Despite this bad news, the EUR is holding fairly steady. The EUR is also maintaining its current level in the face of even more downgrades by a ratings agency. This time it’s Fitch which is likely to downgrade the bonds of many in the eurozone. It is actually good news for binary options traders seeing as how this downward pressure should allow for a strong SELL signal at 1.2950, but as this has yet to happen our readers are left waiting for a good signal to trade.

We don’t promote the use of every signal for a trade. Each one should be checked and validated using proper technical tools. Online binary options traders should be especially careful seeing as how you can’t always see the true representation of an option’s price in multiple brokers for comparison. So even if you are trading with the best binary options broker, you may not have all the needed information to make a decision.

We will provide more updates like these as time goes by and hopefully get to the point where our staff will grow and allow us to write multiple updates throughout the trading day with signals, recommendations, and analyses. If you are interested, we suggest you sign up for our newsletter which will allow you to receive posts you may have missed as well as exclusive offers and articles you can only receive if you sign up. 

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