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EUR continues to fall

The news is out and traders are happy. December in the US showed a drop in the unemployment rate to its lowest rate in about 3 years. The US economy added 200 thousand new jobs in December according to the US labor department’s Non Farm Payroll report . As a result of the good news, the USD has strengthened some more and our recommendations for BELOW options under caution should have been profitable to binary options traders.

However, the good news hasn’t seemed to reach Wall Street as US stock indices are heading downward. The DOW is at 12369, a drop of 0.37%. In addition, the NASDAQ has shed about 0.07% as the S&P dumped almost 0.3% so far today. We are at a loss as to why US stocks are not taking the news better but some analysts speculate that this is because of the fear of what the Federal Reserve might do later this month in response.

For now, binary options traders should continue to focus on the EUR/USD and the support at 1.2605.

Our recommendations for GOOG and APPL are also strong from today so check that article out as well 

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