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US Trading Session Analysis

Stock indices are rising higher in Europe due to the Fed’s desire to keep interest rates low for the foreseeable future. The news, which was actually released yesterday is helping place upward pressure on European stocks as well as the EUR. In addition, even commodities are rising higher due to this. Stocks tend to rise the most in low-interest economic environments as they are the best alternative to interest bearing bonds in such a climate. Investors and traders looking for higher yields head to riskier assets like stocks where yields can beat bond rates but carry a higher risk ratio.

Binary option traders should see this as an opportunity. If stocks, forex, and commodoties start acting in unison, it will allow decision making to become slightly easier on day traders. The reason is, if all major assets are moving in a strong correlation to one another – see major trends becomes an easier task. The binary-options-strategy.org staff does its best to provide the information needed to make such decisions, but if you are able to see the market in a clearer way on your own – all the better.

Expect the US stock indices to head higher as well today. Futures on the DOW and S&P are already up over 0.25% each. If more news surfaces regarding the Greek debt restructuring, it could be positive for US stocks as well. Thus far, today has not seen anything especially positive coming from Greece in this regard as no final decision has been made by either side. But if any news does come out, we expect US stocks to react very favorably. From a macro-economic stand point, assets world-wide are taking there cue from Europe these days. So today should be no different. 

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