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Gold ready to break resistance

Earlier this week we reported that Gold was likely to break upwards during the week. Guess what, that signal looks very relevant right now. We recommend taking a look at Gold in the coming hours. If you are awake and ready to trade some gold binary options today, this is the best recommendation we can provide. With the USD fairly stable but with a propensity to weaken today, Gold can use the momentum and push over 1758 and remain above that level. This should allow binary options traders make some money with ABOVE options on any break of the resistance.

So stay tuned to the price of Gold today. You are also welcome to check back with us or leave comments if you managed to make some money on this trading signal for binary options today. We always appreciate hearing from traders who like trading binaries and espcaially if you made some money in the market – it’s the feedback that keeps us going each day providing the best binary options trading signals. Without that feedback, we don’t know what our readers really want to know. SO don’t be shy, get in there and provide feedback.

Check out the graph below for more details as to where the expected break in resistance is expected for binary options traders. Trading signals should always be validated using the RSI and MACD on forex pairs. Binary options trading requires education, so make sure you always know what you are doing by reading our trading and strategy guide for binary options. Don’t make the same mistakes we did when learning how to trade! Learn, Trade, Profit !

Gold 2-2-2012

Gold 2-2-2012 binary options traders get ready for an ABOVE option on any break of 1758

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