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Binary Options-Trading signals

Binary options trading focused greatly on the US stock indices as traders hoped to see them climb past the 2008 highs hit earlier this week.

Binary options - Dow Jones Index 2/3/2012

Binary options - Dow Jones Index 2/3/2012

However, mediocre economic news that was released earlier in the day didn’t create the necessary momentum and despite small gains in all of the US indices, no major breaks were seen. However, not all is lost for the US stock indices like the DOW, which we have been following closely over the last few weeks. He stock index closed the day at 12980. Being just below the 13000 mark which isn’t really a technical resistance but more like a macro-economic psychological level of interest to many binary options traders, we think that a break above the level will provide a solid buy signal. This should allow binary options traders to take ABOVE options as a low risk trade.

It is important to note that if  there is drab news from the US, the 13000 level might not be reached. For example, what caused the markets to lack momentum yesterday was that right off the start of the trading day, initial jobless claims was released at 351 thousand which is the same result seen last week and on par with the expected 355 thousand.  Normally, binary options can hope to see a more positive trading day if this figure shows even a small improvement week on week. However, with no change, markets were forced to wait for impetus from another source and later during the day, but it didn’t come as the “personal spending indicator returned less than expected and the manufacturing (measured by the ISM manufacturing index) also returned in negative territory. We are surprised that the market managed any gains yesterday. But binary options traders need only follow the DOW closely as we mentioned above.

Apple (APPL) stock didn’t provide a break yesterday despite rising slightly, so keep this APPL trading signal in focus as you trade binary options. Any break above 548.25 would allow binary options traders to take a low risk ABOVE option today. We have focused greatly on this stock in the recent weeks and yesterday the stock was valued at above 500 billion USD making it larger than the entire economy of some very large countries like Poland. This is simply amazing and the stock is continuing to rise probably in hopes of achieving what Microsoft reached in valuation back in its prime. Then is reached 667 billion USD in valuation.

Another trading signal to watch for today is the Exxon Mobile stock. The stock is generally valued at around $80 as a base level of pricing for the stock according to analysts. However, the price of oil can cause the stock price of XOM to fluctuate greatly, but mostly to the upside. The price of oil managed minor gains yesterday allowing the stock to rise slightly and now we expect a serious break above 87.5. Any break of this level will allow binary options traders to take ABOVE options on XOM today in what we would consider a low risk trade. But don’t forget to validate the trade using RSI, MACD, and volume. All should be rising for you to take an ABOVE option.


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